The Fika Company Coffee Roasters based in Redondo Beach, CA.

The Fika Company - Coffee Roastery, only focuses on the best quality of coffees from Colombia by variety, single origin, and cup profile.

All of our specialty Colombian coffees are Direct Traded. This allows the coffee producers to receive 100 percent of the income. We never involve third parties in the process.

Direct Trade helps to improve the coffee farmers / farms living standard and infrastructure. This also motivates the farmers to produce better quality coffee in each new harvest.

The exclusive coffees are shipped directly to us from Colombia and are carefully roasted in small batches of 5 kilos at our coffee shop and roastery location in the neighborhood of Redondo Beach, CA.

We look forward to sharing our specialty coffee with you!


We work hand by hand with these coffee growers to achieve exceptional cups

Palocabildo is located deep inside one of Colombia’s once forgotten coffee growing regions.

As northern Tolima’s productive cornerstone, this small town acts as a hub for more than 5000 small coffee producers of which only 1% are dedicated to specialty coffee.

Committed exclusively to experimental fermentations and processing techniques, all of 575s coffee are grown and processed by the peñaloza correa family at their own farms la California and Cruz del edén.

Five generations of coffee culture tradition combined with monitored fermentation, modern dehydration techniques and coffee processing science give rich, complex and unorthodox results that they identify as signature processes.

Total Traceability from Farm to Roast, To Cup

Constant feedback between the coffee farms & coffee roastery

El reposo coffee farm is located in the district of Rionegro, 23 miles north of the Colombian city Bucaramanga, in the state of Santander.

The farm is managed by coffee grower campo Elías Flechas with 10 years of experience in the coffee farming industry.

The non-usual coffee fermentation on these coffees and the slow/gradual sun dry process helps to enhance the frutal (red berries) notes and pleasant acidity in cup.

Campo Elias coffees are shade grown under different kind of trees including plantain tress. The main harvest in the farm usually occurs between October and November, the middle harvest occurs in April.

Total Traceability from Farm to Roast, To Cup

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